Campanula persicifolia Grandiflora Alba

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Product description

This description is for Campanula persicifolia: The Peach Leaved Bellflower, or Campanula persicifolia, is a delightfully delicate member of the family, with small, cup-shaped flowers that bloom in the summertime. These can range in colour from white to lilac to shades of blue, each of which are a fabulous contrast to its bright green foliage. A really good choice for underplanting or in flowerbeds and borders, she also is a popular addition to cut flower arrangements. She’s tough enough to cope with the worst of the British weather, asking only to be in a sunny or partially shaded position in the garden to best thrive.
9x9 cm Pot size, Colour
White Flowering time
Perennials Pot size
From June until July Height