Calendula officinalis Oranges Stachelschwein

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This description is for Calendula officinalis: Calendula officinalis or pot marigold is a plant thats as easy to grow as it is beautiful, adding a splash of sunshine to any garden, but perfectly suited to a cottage style garden. Its a short-lived plant growing to a little under three feet tall. It has hairy lance shaped leaves and vibrant flower heads, up to 7cm in diameter, packed full of yellow or orange petals. In ideal conditions it can flower all year round, ideal for adding colour to the garden. It will grow in most types of soil. The petals are edible and look great in a salad. Historically theyve also been used for medicinal purposes and as a dye.
Orange Height
Annuals Planting time
From June until October Colour
From April until July Planting time, Flowering time