Begonia Pendula Group

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This description is for Begonia: The Begonia is the family name for a large amount of species, numbering around 1400 in total. Hailing from tropical and sub-tropical shores, they are often grown indoors in the UK as houseplants. However, they will happily live outside during the summer months, and their brightly coloured flowers make for a wonderful summertime display. Blooms can be found in various colours, including pink, yellow, white and scarlet. They can also be found with the most attractively marked leaves, and they really do make for a plant that makes a statement, both indoors and out.
Content 3 Knollen
Blütezeit Mai - Oktober
Höhe 20 cm hängend
Pflanzzeit ab Mai ins Freiland
Blütenfarbe kräftig rot