Asplenium trichomanes

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Even though this Asplenium trichomanes rarely, if ever, flowers, its wonderful long and narrow fronds make for an eye catching and interesting display. Also known as the Maidenhair Spleenwort Fern, it takes a little TLC to cultivate, but is well worth the effort, simply for its unusual looks. It remains green all year round with black stems. Once matured, it’s a low maintenance plant that’s great for beds and borders, container gardens or perhaps on a roof terrace or in a city location. Ensure it’s planted in either full or partial shade as it hates bright sunlight. It’s a hardy plant making it ideal for coastal areas where wind strength and chill can be quite considerable.
Topfgröße Pot size
9x9 cm Pot size, Height
Partial shade
10-20 cm Sun requirements