Artemisia dracunculus

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Artemisia dracunculus French is also known as Dragon plant or French Tarragon. This artemisia is commonly grown for culinary purposes. It grows in clumps with delicate aromatic grey-green leaves. As well as the usefulness in the kitchen, its an attractive plant in the garden too. Its difficult to grow from seed, so if you want Artemisia dracunculus French in your garden, its best to buy a plant rather than try to grow it from seed yourself. Plant it in the sunniest spot in your garden. A popular herb in French cuisine, it has an aniseed taste. Many garden pests are repelled by the taste and the scent of tarragon, so its a good companion plant for those that are more appealing to pests.
Herbs Organic certification code
Sun to partial shade Hardy?
DE-ÖKO-006 Organic certification code, Height
80 cm Sun requirements