Aristolochia grandiflora

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Aristolochia grandiflora is one strange plant. Its a vine with massive flowers that give off a scent that is very similar to rotting meat. This smell attracts flies, these flies pollinate the plant. Its a native of Central America and the Caribbean where it mainly grows in tropical forests. It has large heart shaped leaves and some of the biggest flowers in the world. The word grandiflora literally means large flower. The flowers are trumpet shaped and have a hanging tail, greenish white with purple or brown veins. This plant has been traditionally used to treat snakebites and as an antibiotic. However the plant contains a carcinogenic toxin and all products containing it have been banned by the USDA.
5 litres Pot size, Size when delivered
Topfgröße Pot size
60 cm Use
Climber suitable for a balcony or a terrace Sun requirements