Anaphalis triplinervis Sommerschnee

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This description is for Anaphalis triplinervis: Anaphalis triplinervis or triple-nerved pearly everlasting is a flowering plant native to the Himalayas and South West China. It has narrow oval leaves that are an attractive silvery grey colour which contrasts nicely with the small white flowers. The leaves and stems are hairy giving them a plush feel. Its a good looking plant that has been given an RHS Award of Garden Merit. It likes full sun or partial shade and will grow in most types of soil as long as it is moist and reasonably fertile. It will grow to around 50cm high and about a metre in spread. Its a very hardy plant and is rarely affected by pests or disease.
From June until September Height
Topfgröße Pot size
9x9 cm Pot size, Colour
White Flowering time