Allium cepa Tonda Musona

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This description is for Allium cepa: Allium cepa or common onion is the most widely grown member of the allium family. The bulb of this plant, the onion, is used in cooking the world over. It has clusters of white flowers and blue green leaves that will wilt and die off, at this point the bulb will have grown and developed a dry outer layer. This is harvested and allowed to dry, ready for storage or immediate use. Onions are commonly eaten both cooked and raw. They contain irritant chemicals that can affect your eyes when youre cutting them. Evidence of onions being eaten as a food date back to 500BC. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the onion and were even buried with them.
Vegetables Planting time
From April until May Sun requirements
From July until August Planting time, Harvest time