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This description is for Agapanthus africanus: Agapanthus africanus or African blue lily come from the Cape of Good Hope. It has a mass of bright green, long arching leaves that grow up to 35cm in length. From the centre of these leaves grows a single stalk, up to 60cm in length, at the top of which grows an umbrella shaped cluster of 20-30 funnel shaped blue or white flowers. It was brought to Europe in the seventeenth century to be grown in greenhouses, however it will survive outdoors in warmer parts of the UK if it has protection from frost. It will grow well in a pot, and this will enable you to move it when the winter weather is at its worst. Give your Agapanthus africanus plenty of water, especially in the warmest summer months.
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Liefergröße 14 cm Topf
Lieferhöhe ca. 30 cm
Pflanzzeit blau mit dunkler Mittelrippe
Höhe 50-70 cm