Raffles’ Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes rafflesiana | Rating: 0 votes | Print / Pdf

An intriguing carnivorous plant, nepenthes rafflesiana boasts both elegance and potency. Its small light green leaves produce vase-shaped traps, or pitchers. A scrambling vine, it is commonly called raffle’s pitcher plant, with pitchers on the upper reaches of the stem narrower and smaller that those resting on the ground. The pitcher mouth is longer than in other species, colours vary from white to light green to deep purple.  When flowering, raffle’s pitcher plant grows a single stalk that produces purple blossoms. A tender plant, it is best grown in high humidity and diffused light, and needs to be watered and misted regularly. Pruning any offshoots after flowering is recommended

Rate it:
Known dangers?
  • no
Height [m]
  • 9
Spread [m]
  • 0
Dominant flower colour
  • Mixed colours
Flower Fragrance
  • No, neutral please
Foliage in spring
  • Green, red shades
Foliage in summer
  • Green, red shades
Foliage in Autumn
  • Green, red shades
Foliage in winter
  • Green, red shades
Propagation methods
  • seed
  • layering
Growth habit
  • Climbing
Hardiness zone
  • Z14-15
Heat zone
  • H12-1
Heat days
  • 0 - 210
Sun requirements
  • Partial shade
Standard category
  • Exotic, house plants & other
  • Carnivorous
Grown for
  • Colourful pitchers
Creative category
  • Kid Approved
Garden type
  • Indoor or winter garden
  • Prairies
Garden spaces
  • Walls, trellises and pergolas
Gardening expertise
  • advanced
Time to reach full size
  • 2 to 5 years