Nightblooming Cereus

Epiphyllum oxypetalum | Also known as: Queen Of The Night, Dutchman’s Pipe | Rating: 0 votes | Print / Pdf

A curious cactus plant, but one that is certain to make a big impression, the evergreen epiphyllum oxypetalum grows to quite a height. Its principal stem is like a green cylinder, but it has scalloped, leaf-like branches that are mid-green and spineless. In spring, it flowers but its large, stunningly beautiful blossoms emerge for only one night – thus its name, the nightblooming cereus – and dies by morning. Highly fragrant, they’re funnel-shaped and milk-white, with a multitude of sepals spreading outward from the base of the blossom. It is best to grow the nightblooming cereus under glass in bright filtered light and high humidity. It thrives in dry soil and should be fed every two weeks.

Rate it:
Known dangers?
  • no
Height [m]
  • 3
Spread [m]
  • 1
Dominant flower colour
  • White
Flower Fragrance
  • No, neutral please
Flowering seasons
  • Late spring
  • Early summer
  • Mid summer
  • Late summer
Foliage in spring
  • Green
Foliage in summer
  • Green
Foliage in Autumn
  • Green
Foliage in winter
  • Green
Propagation methods
  • seed
  • stem tip cuttings
Growth habit
  • Branching
  • Erect
Hardiness zone
  • Z11-12
Heat zone
  • H12-1
Winter temperatures [°C]
  • 4 - 0
Heat days
  • 0 - 210
  • well-drained
Sun requirements
  • Partial shade
Standard category
  • Cacti & succulents
  • Cacti
Grown for
  • Attractive Flowers
Creative category
  • Kid Approved
  • For Beginners
  • Colours
Garden type
  • Indoor or winter garden
  • Containers
Gardening expertise
  • beginner
Time to reach full size
  • up to 10 years