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A cultivated hybrid of wax begonias and tuberous begonias, begonia x hiemalis gives you the best of both types. Its leaves are large, dark green and glossy, creating an attractively dense foliage. But it is the remarkable floral display of the rieger begonia, as it is also called, that is irresistible. Available in a variety of vivid colours, its stunning blossoms grow in dense clusters and boast large petals often in dense whorls like a rose. The rieger begonia thrives in moist but well-drained soil, preferably in partial shade, but dislikes wet and cold. When indoors, a second flowering can take place over the winter months, earning it the alternative name, the winter begonia.

Rate it:
Known dangers?
  • no
Height [m]
  • 0.3 - 0.45
Spread [m]
  • 0.3 - 0.4
Dominant flower colour
  • Varies
Flower Fragrance
  • No, neutral please
Flowering seasons
  • Mid winter
  • Late winter
  • Early spring
  • Late autumn
  • Early winter
Foliage in spring
  • Green
Foliage in summer
  • Green
Foliage in Autumn
  • Green
Foliage in winter
  • Brown-green
Propagation methods
  • seed
  • stem tip cuttings
  • leaf cuttings
Growth habit
  • Bushy
  • Compact
  • Acidic
  • Neutral
Hardiness zone
  • Z10-11
Heat zone
  • unknown
Winter temperatures [°C]
  • -1 - 4
Heat days
  • 0
  • well-drained
  • well-drained but frequently watered
Soil type
  • sandy
  • loams
Sun requirements
  • Partial shade
  • Sheltered
Standard category
  • Exotic, house plants & other
  • House plants
Grown for
  • Attractive Flowers
Creative category
  • Fast growing
  • For Beginners
  • Colours
  • Show-offs
  • Roses & classics
Garden type
  • Indoor or winter garden
Gardening expertise
  • beginner
Time to reach full size
  • 1 to 2 years