Alpine Tree Heath

Erica arborea var. alpina | Also known as: Alpine tree heather | Rating: 0 votes | Print / Pdf

Don't pine for an Alpine Tree Heath, treat yourself and plant one!

The Alpine Tree Heather, or Erica arborea var. alpine, is a bushy evergreen shrub that becomes decked with a plethora of small white flowers during the months of spring. These blooms are also delightfully fragrant, so be sure to plant in a location where you can take full advantage of this. It’s an easy plant to grow and requires little maintenance. Fully hardy, you can plant pretty much anywhere, as long as it gets a lot of sunlight, and it will thrive. A great choice for ground cover, banks and slopes and will also happily live and grow in coastal regions.

Rate it:
Known dangers?
  • no
Height [m]
  • 1.5 - 2
Spread [m]
  • 0.85
Dominant flower colour
  • White
Flower Fragrance
  • Yes, let it smell
Flowering seasons
  • Mid spring
  • Late spring
  • Early summer
Foliage in spring
  • Green
Foliage in summer
  • Green
Foliage in Autumn
  • Green
Foliage in winter
  • Green
  • Yes, let it smell
Propagation methods
  • semi-ripe cuttings
  • layering
Growth habit
  • Bushy
  • Upright
  • Acidic
  • Neutral
Hardiness zone
  • Z9-10
Heat zone
  • H10-9
Winter temperatures [°C]
  • -7 - 4
Heat days
  • 120 - 180
  • well-drained
  • well-drained but frequently watered
Soil type
  • sandy
  • Clay
  • loams
Sun requirements
  • Full sun
  • Exposed
  • Sheltered
Standard category
  • Trees & shrubs
  • Shrubs
Grown for
  • Long season of interest
Creative category
  • Kid Approved
  • Fine fragrants
  • For Beginners
  • Show-offs
  • For birds & bees
  • Author's choice
Garden type
  • Cottage garden
Garden spaces
  • Specimen
Gardening expertise
  • beginner
Time to reach full size
  • up to 20 years