Find plants by ideas

Plant ideas by 99roots

We have done the hard work for you and have selected the most suitable plants for a range of ideas.

10 Kid Approved

Kids love to play in the dirt and eat random stuff in the garden. Here are a few plants that are ok with little discoverers - still we advise not to chew on them.

10 Simple Food

Why not get your tomatoes from the garden or your basil from the balcony? Here are our favorites.

10 Fast Growing

These are the fast growers that might surprise you in the morning.

10 Fine Fragrants

Planting these flowers might attract single young men to your garden. Just saying.

10 For Beginners

These plants are for all the left-handed, gray-thumbed gardening-beginnners.

10 We Love The Dark

Some of us live in depressingly little holes with no sunlight, so here's a matching selection for you

10 Colours

For all the 80s lovers with need for saturation: some brightly coloured plants and friends.

10 Show Offs

Now this is for the extroverted among us. If your Lambo, Olympia-sized pool and thirty giant ponies in your front yard won't do the trick, these plants might help.

10 Pond Plants

Got that huge pond but no plants that want to play in it? Here are some definite water-lovers

10 Neighbour Repellant

If your neighbor Trevor keeps eying your tasty BBQ treats you might want to block his view with these bad boys

10 For Birds and Bees

We're nature lovers, so let's work on some homey hide-aways for our favorite birds and bees.

9 Roses and Classics

Classic is... Gatsby grandiosity, wedding elegance, or simple timeless beauty. All those are right here

10 Tough Survivors

Some of us like it rough, but if your plants are crying 'too much already', here are a few of those sturdy little plants that might enjoy a bath at Fukushima.