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flower bed - dahlia astilbe hydrangea phlox sedum

Plant your flower bed so that the flowers open up at the same time. Not advisable by garden designers but can you resist?

If you read a book about a garden design (e.g. by John Brookes), you will discover that one essential consideration of planting your flower bed in a proper manner is so that the flowers open up at different times throughout the season so that there is always something to admire.

Having dutifully read that book, I have then proceeded to plant my very first flower bed that featured carefully selected calm white and blue ... that it would only flower in May.

This flower bed, full of lovely pink is just as carelessly planned as mine. Here astilbe, sedums, hydrangeas, dahlias and alliums are timed to flower at the same time. How hedonistic!

Hydrangea macrophylla

Hydrangea macrophylla

× Mophead

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