Late Summer Meadows of Floriade

by Natasha Starkell | 30.04.2014 | 4 items | hordeum jubatum , salvia , scabiosa | 0 comments | Rating: 2 votes

late summer border with scabiosa and hordeum

A meadow planting that Piet Oudolf would have approved.

While you are out there sweating away in your garden planting, deweeding or cutting the grass, we are occupying ourselves by dreaming about the high summer.

In this Floriade World Stage exhibition, the meadow features scabiosa, sages and grasses (in this case hordeum jubatum), much loved by the legendary garden designer Piet Oudolf

Scabiosa Barocca, an alternative to 'Black Knight'

Scabiosa Barocca, an alternative to 'Black Knight'

Scabiosa columbaria Barocca
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× Scabiosa columbaria Barocca

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Foxtail barley

Veined verbena Polaris

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