Herbaceous border for the early summer

by Natasha Starkell | 24.04.2014 | 5 items | iris , lady's mantle , astilbe , bleeding heart , hosta | 0 comments | Rating: 2 votes

Herbaceous border - early summer

This planting idea is for those who like their flower beds to make a big impact. Just have some spare plants to show off in other seasons.

Every garden design book will tell you to select your plants so, that they bloom in different months of the year, thus making your garden interesting throughout all seasons. Yet this planting idea shows plants that bloom at the same time.

Whilst it may be qualified as a crime by your local garden designer, don't be turned off by her (future) critisism if you absolutely loves how bleeding heart, lady's mantle, iris, astilbe and hosta look together on this flower bed. Just make sure you have plants for mid- and late summer flowering in other corners of your garden.


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