Colour explosion: Helen's flower and tickseed

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helenium coreopsis and acer

Bright colours, simple composition: an idea for the late summer

You don't need to invest too much money into your flower bed if you are on a tight budget. Helenium, a.k.a Helen's flower and tickseed (coreopsis) are quite common. Why not ask your grandma (or a neighbour) to divide their specimen and share some with you.

Herbaceous perennials must be divided every few years to maintain their healthy appearance and regulate spread. As your new plant grows over the years, by regularly dividing and replanting it you can cover the full flower bed in a spectacular arrangement of orange and yellow.

Just wait until the maple shows off its colour palette comes autumn! We are not sure what kind of maple tree this is (perhaps you can tell us), so we decided to tag a japanese maple variety Osakazuki (acer palmatum). 

Tickseed Grandiflora

Tickseed Grandiflora

Coreopsis verticillata Grandiflora
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