Violetta abutilon

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Violetta abutilon: get your sunglasses on; in summer you'll be dazzled by a mass of bright violet flowers.

Abutilon x suntense or parlour maple is a hardy variety of abutilon so you can leave it out all winter providing the temperature doesn't get below -5. it has lobed leaves with toothed edges and gorgeous purple or blue coloured flowers that are saucer shaped and grow copiously on long stalks. Each flower is about 2.5 inches in diameter. It's a fast growing plant that will reach around 12ft in height. Plant it in a spot that gets lots of sun, but is sheltered from the wind.

Rate it:
Known dangers?
  • no
Height [m]
  • 4
Spread [m]
  • 2.5
Dominant flower colour
  • Violet
Flower Fragrance
  • No, neutral please
Flowering seasons
  • Late spring
  • Early summer
Foliage in spring
  • Grey-green
Foliage in summer
  • Grey-green
Foliage in Autumn
  • Grey-green
Propagation methods
  • Greenwood cuttings
  • softwood cuttings
  • seed
Growth habit
  • Upright
  • Acidic
  • Neutral
  • Alkaline
Hardiness zone
  • Z12-15
Heat zone
  • H12-6
Heat days
  • 45 - 210
  • well-drained
Soil type
  • sandy
  • loams
Sun requirements
  • Full sun
  • Sheltered
Standard category
  • Trees & shrubs
  • Shrubs
Grown for
  • Attractive Flowers
Creative category
  • Kid Approved
  • For Beginners
  • Colours
  • Show-offs
Garden type
  • Containers
Garden spaces
  • Walls, trellises and pergolas
  • Borders
Gardening expertise
  • beginner
Time to reach full size
  • up to 20 years
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