Things to do with autumn leaves

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The beautiful red, orange and gold leaves of autumn look beautiful, but clearing them up is not much fun! Rather than simply throwing them away, save yourself a trip to the tip and recycle them!

Autumn leaves make great compost. You can buy a compost bin pretty cheaply, then simply put them in and wait. You'll be surprised how quickly they compact down ready for the next batch.

You can also use your autumn leaves as an effective mulch, just add a couple of inches of leaves on top of your flower beds, leaving a small gap around stems.

Leaf mould is good for adding to your soil, especially for potted plants and it's easy to make, although it does take time. Find a spot in your garden and pile your leaves up in layers, with an occasional layer of soil. After about a year you'll have plenty of good leaf mould.

Don't forget to save a few for the kids to get crafty with. A collage made of autumn leaves looks lovely on the wall and it's a fun winter activity.

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