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Almost fa-moss? There’s a new pot in town… and it doesn’t even require soil.

Recently, we came across a product that is designed to bring urban people closer to nature. It’s called ‘the front door.’

But if going outside and finding a park or garden doesn’t appeal, then there are a great many other creative products that are designed with the same product in mind. Kickstarter is a good source of these and we’ve featured some of the projects on their website before, like Groundwalk’s sandals with a synthetic grass base, and the Urbio vertical garden with magnetic pots.

Our latest discovery is Cella, a small, flexible, lightweight round pot that houses moss and small plants. The containers’ unique shape and size allows them to thrive indoors and outdoors, and to be attached to each other, as well as to walls and roofs.


Cella is specifically designed to create the optimal microclimate for moss and plug plants, which is ideal because moss gathers all of its nutrients from the air and therefore soil is not required. It works particularly well for growing seeds and plug plants, as well as herbs.

To find out how to make your own soil and moss plugs, check out the videos below.

If your garden has been taken over by moss, then digging it up for Cella could be good revenge. Furthermore, if you are a time-pressed worker or own a property that you don’t visit everyday, Cella could provide a great low-maintenance planting option. CEO Jonghyun Baek told us,

“Moss contains a large amount of water compared to its volume. This helps to make other plants have enough moisture for their growth.

“If you place Cella with moss outdoors, you don’t have to water it at all. Cella works with the natural environment to create a microclimate that allows moss to thrive. If you wish to place it indoors, we recommend you water it 2-3 times a week to accelerate growth, although moss can survive for up to a year without water.”

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