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Marina Senabre

Marina Senabre

Marina Senabre

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If you really want to excel at interior design, take inspiration from Marina Senabre – keep it simple, and include lots of plants.

When I was younger, I used to love the programme Changing Rooms. Two sets of friends (by the end of it, often ex-friends) would spend the weekend decorating each other’s houses under the leadership of an eccentric interior designer like Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen. Normally, by the time that their ‘friends’ returned, they would have sanded down and painted all of their priceless heirlooms, painted everything in neon colours and replaced anything of actual quality with faux fur and MDF.

But whilst it made for brilliant TV, it didn’t make for brilliant living conditions. Indeed, it would have been much better to bring in someone like Marina Senabre, whose refurbishment of a 19th century house in Menorca shows that sometimes, all you need for a beautiful home are white walls and interesting plants.

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