Sarcococca – the great confuser

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What’s the difference between a thicket and a ticket? How far you have to walk home.

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What’s the difference between a thicket and a ticket? How far you have to walk home.

The sarcococca confusa has its name for a reason. It’s been well known to confuse and disappoint many, firstly, children. We can’t even count the number of children who’ve called helplines in floods of tears after they were told by a kindly old granny that she’d bring them a ‘sweet box’. A child who is expecting a big tub of haribo can sometimes be somewhat confused by the presentation of a flowering shrub.

Similarly, it’s well known by holidayers that it’s important to enunciate clearly if you’re ordering a ticket from China, to prevent finding yourself in another rather confusing situation. Don’t get me wrong, a thicket from China is a lovely thing, but it’s a long walk home with a few sarcococca confusas under each arm.
If you were expecting a tub of sweeties, or find yourself walking 4,831 miles with a shrub, you’re probably not going to be its greatest fan. Which is a shame because the sarcococca confusa or ‘sweet box’ has gorgeous deep green leathery leaves and clusters of tiny fragrant creamy-white flowers in winter that are followed by glossy black berries.

Sarcococca confusa is easy to grow as long as you shelter it from cold winds, grow in moderately fertile soil and prune annually. Plant it at the front of a border to make the most of its fragrant flowers.

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