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Feel the grass beneath your feet. You know that we’ve become disconnected from nature when there are hundreds of people who are prepared to pay for a pair of sandals that have grass on the base. But that’s exactly what happened with a recent Kickstarter project.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform through which creative projects are brought to life by the financial support of hundreds of people who are prepared to pledge their own money. Since its launch in 2009, thousands of projects have sought funding on the site, and have been successful in getting 5.5 million people to part with $950,000.

We’ve noticed a bit of a recurring theme on Kickstarter: bringing nature to the urban environment. Starting with Groundwalk’s sandals that have a synthetic grass base and promise to “bring you closer to nature wherever you go” (presuming, obviously, that you are not already in the heart of it).

Another Kickstarter-funded product is the Urbio vertical garden. Its mix and match magnetic pots offer even the most space-strapped urban dweller the opportunity to grow their own succulents and herbs in magnetic pots on the wall (or maybe the fridge?)

And finally, if space is less of an issue than the fact that you don’t have green fingers, try Click and Grow, a smart herb garden that was inspired by NASA growing plants in space. It leaves nothing to chance; plants grow in a special nano-material growth medium that has been engineered to provide plants with the optimum levels of oxygen and nutrients at all times. It even has a special light to remind you when to water.

(If you can’t grow plants with the Click and Grow then I’m afraid you’re probably beyond hope. Perhaps try some fake plants instead.)

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