Quiz: which dog is right for your garden?

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garden dog

garden dog

garden dog

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Brits love dogs. There are 8.5 million dogs as pets in the UK, representing around 25% of households. We also love gardens. But these two loves are not always very compatible.

If you want to know what dog would suit your lifestyle/garden, then it’s time to do our handy quiz!

  1. When enjoying the garden, would you prefer a dog that:
    1. Plays with the children
    2. Digs in the flower beds
    3. Stays in one place soaking up the sun
  2. When in the garden, would you prefer it if your dog sustains itself by
    1. Eating grass
    2. Catching and killing other birds
    3. Lapping up water from the hosepipe
  3. When the paper boy approaches, would you like your dog to:
    1. Take the paper and bring it through to you. Sometimes half-eaten.
    2. Attack the paper boy.
    3. Ignore him.
  4. If your dog has gone missing, your first thought is that:
    1. It’s lost
    2. It’s dug a hole through to the neighbours’ house and is destroying their plants
    3. It’s dead.


Mostly As

Great choice. Dog type A is like my friend’s dog Holly – she’s good-natured but is unlikely to do major damage to your garden. The biggest mess she’s likely to cause is if she throws up after eating too much grass (why DO they all do that?)

Mostly Bs

Wow, you must really like dogs. Dog-type B is like another friend’s dog Tintin. He’s  great fun and full of curiosity but causes significant destruction in the  garden, sometimes also in the neighbours.’ Tintin is also a stealth dirt-carrier – having a dark coat, you don’t notice how dirty he is until he’s traipsed mud all over the house.

Mostly Cs

Let’s face the facts: you don’t want a dog, you want a tree.

(Bildquelle: Noel Lopez)

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