Piet Oudolf: the beds need rain, dear.

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Piet Oudolf

Piet Oudolf

Oudolf: the beds need rain, dear.

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When did you last make a planting plan?

Piet Oudolf is an influential Dutch garden designer who has worked everywhere from Sweden to New York. Garden lovers in the UK will have seen his planting style in locations like Wisley, the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society, the herbaceous garden overlooking Tower Bridge at Potters Fields Park, or the stunning walled garden at Scampston Hall in Yorkshire.

Oudolf chooses plants that will thrive in the local conditions and creates planting patterns that have the ‘wow’ factor, even when they are relatively simple – like the walkway at Wisley that is made up of 33 equal-sized bands of perennials and grasses, or the Salvia River at Dream Park in Sweden, which is a band of three violet-blue cultivars.

Let’s face it: we don’t all have the time, skills or energy to make a planting plan for our gardens – or the opportunity to realise it. But Oudolf’s book, Planting: A New Perspective, is an incredible resource for the aspiring gardener; it’s the first book to show off his original planting plans and groupings and to show how he creates his gardens.

Each of Oudolf’s planting plans takes into account the surroundings, the soil type and how different plants look and grow together, and all of these are reflected in the book, which explains how to choose plants, based on their structure, colour and texture, how well they grow alongside other plants, and what the natural surroundings are.

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