4 misconceptions about vegetables

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There are some facts about vegetables that we were taught when we were children, so we just presume they are true, however, even the world of vegetables is full of myth and misconception...

Spinach is high in iron and will make you strong

This myth started when a German scientist conducted a study into the levels of iron in spinach and put his decimal point in the wrong place! In fact, spinach has about the same level of iron as most other vegetables. In fact, the type of iron contained within spinach is actually very hard for the human body to absorb.

Carrots will improve your eyesight

No sorry, if you have bad eyesight you want corrected or you fancy being able to see in the dark, eating a bag of carrots every day is not going to help. Carrots do contain Vitamin A, which will help your eyes to continue to function well, but your vision will not be improved.

Potatoes make you gain weight

Dieters seem to shy away from potatoes, the dreaded carbs, but there is no link between eating potatoes and suffering from obesity. Potatoes are good for you, like any other vegetable, as long as you don't deep fry them in lard obviously! They're packed full of nutrients and they're high in fibre.

Lettuce has no nutritional value

Nonsense! Lettuce is very good for you. It contains Vitamin K which is good for your bones, and is a vitamin that most women are lacking in. It is also a good source of vitamin A which helps to keep your eyes healthy, and it's a great source of fibre too. The only thing it is lacking in is calories and fat! The perfect food for dieters.

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