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garden sexy

garden sexy

Gardening makes sexy

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Forget a fast car… what you want a man to own is an allotment. According to a new study gardening makes us sexy.

Today we have trawled the science journals (well, google) to find you some of the FINEST studies into gardening. And here are the headline facts.

1. If you want to get jiggy with it, get diggy with it.

According to The Telegraph, “As little as 30 minutes a week tending the garden or allotment can dramatically improve men’s performance in bed, according to experts in the field.” (Of course, some might argue that people who hang out in fields might be somewhat biased). Findings by scientists at Bremen University suggest that moderate exercise like gardening can reduce the risk of impotence by up to a half. 

2. People who spend time outdoors may lose the ability to reason

Another series of studies by the University of Rochester showed that people who spend more time outside in nature feel “more alive.” When we last checked, aliveness (or ‘living’) was an absolute. When was the last time you heard someone saying ‘gosh, look at that Sarah? She’s so alive. I wish I was more alive, like her’? No, never. You’re either alive or you’re dead. Thus it seems that the participants in this survey may have lost their ability to reason. We’re unsure whether that was due to the presence of nature or having been subjected to activities like ‘being led on a 15-minute walk through indoor hallways’ – enough to drive anybody a bit mad.

3. Gardening reduces the risk of breast cancer

A study by  researchers on the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (Epic) suggests that gardening could reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 13%. Admittedly, if this is true, then I suppose this does negate our query over headline number 2. Some people really will be more alive if they garden. But we have some suspicions about this article. Why breast cancer, rather than a less gender-specific disease? Why are the only forms of exercise mentioned ‘gardening, doing housework and walking the dog’? Something here smacks of a Guardian reporter who wants his wife to do more chores…

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