Klaus Pichler „Just the Two of Us“

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Klaus Pichler

Klaus Pichler

Klaus Pichler

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You can’t help but smile when you look at Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler’s latest collection, Just the Two of Us. For this project Klaus visited owners of elaborate costumes and took photographs of them wearing them in their own homes. Not everyone has an alien costume, so we asked Klaus how he met all those people that he then photographed for his project.

“Some of the traditions are linked to internet culture (Furries, Cosplay, Star Wars) therefore I logged into the forums and chatrooms and tried to find some people there,” said Klaus.

“Other traditions, especially the ones with a long history (Carnival, Krampus, Perchten) are more linked to 'real life' activities like gatherings and parades, therefore I have attended these gatherings and got in contact with the costumed members directly. All in all, it has been quite hard to find people who were willing to take part in the series - some of them did not want to have their photos taken at all, some did not really understand the concept of the series and some were not willing to let me into their private spaces.”

And what is striking about many of the private spaces depicted in his photos is the fact that often, in contrast to the outlandish outfits worn by participants, they are very… common. So, in fact, are their plants, with options like roses, bellflowers, dracaena, rubber tree or a schlumbergera

If you would shy away from the outfits in these photos, then why not contrast your average appearance with an outlandish plant? Try a terrestrial tillandsia, which produces a striking fan-like flower, or a candelabra plant (aloe arborescens).

“We had lots of fun staging the photos” Klaus told us – and it’s no wonder. Costumes provide a means of self-expression.

And, so can your plants.

Image credit: Klaus PichlerAnzenberger Gallery

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