INTERVIEW: Swedish Photographer Hannah Lemholt

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INTERVIEW: Swedish Photographer Hannah Lemholt

INTERVIEW: Swedish Photographer Hannah Lemholt

Cherry Blossom by Hannah Lemholt

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Cherry Blossom by Hannah Lemholt

Hannah Lemholt is a Swedish photographer who likes to think of herself as a passionate photography rookie. Her family lived for nearly ten years in the garden of Swedish garden designer Ulla Molin although that was before Hannah has taken up photography. We came across her magical cherry blossom bouquet (above) that took Tumblr and Pinterest by storm so we decided to ask her about herself and her work. Her answers read like a poem. Enjoy.


How did you start your photography career?

- i started after hitting that famous rock bottom, feeling 

very.. dark. it’s four years ago now. i had always thought 

i’d already ’been given my language’ as i ’ve always loved 

to write, but by perhaps not having words anymore; i found

another language & that turned out to be photography. 

i think, ~ & like to see it as i didn’t find photography. 

it found me. *smiles*

i just started taking photos around the house with a 

holiday-type little compact digital & joined flickr’,

~ & all of a sudden i got e-mails & requests etc from 

around the world. looking back i don’t quite know what 

happened .. *smiles*


What are your favourite objects to shoot?

- people ! or should i say ’souls’ ? *smiles*

i think that is what it’s all about me for me; 

being let in.. in the first place, ~ & be 

someone to have the gift (with risk to sound 

clichéd) of eternalizing another person.

that’s also what i strive for; to capture that 

inner being of a person. 


What inspires you on a regular basis?

words in all shapes & forms; poetry, 

musical lyrics, books, short quotes..


also i truly believe the photographer draws 

from some kind of inner images; perhaps 

from before, from ones childhood, or from 

dreams even; that one is always trying to 

recreate in images..

What inspired you to create the series of the Considerate Gardener?

- my baby sister emma (who’s portrayed in the series) 

somehow inspired me without it being a conscious thing..

and nature in itself simply.. i love it and think it’s perhaps

one of the only perfect things in the world.. i live close to

the ocean and need it to keep sane, i think.. *smiles*

seeing the garden mentioned above change over the seasons

also inspired me a lot .. and the words of alice walker :


’ in search of my mother's garden, i found my own. ’ 


(which also inspired another series; ’mother nature’)


What are top three photographers you admire? 

i’ve realized i was never one to have ’idols’

(perhaps i’ve missed out on something? *smiles*)..


.. but i LOVE the work of paolo roversi. i also love

& feel very connected to the ’immediate family’ work 

of sally mann. i also love real ’old school photography’ 

like the work of jacques henri lartigue (especially the 

portraits of his muse renée perle)..

What camera do you use? 

since like a year back i use a canon eos 5d mark II

but further on i’d love to do more analogue work..


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