INTERVIEW: Simplistic style from Jonas Marguet

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INTERVIEW: Simplistic style from Jonas Marguet

INTERVIEW: Simplistic style from Jonas Marguet

Biotopia by Jonas Marguet

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Biotopia by Jonas Marguet

Jonas Marguet is an award-winning Swiss photographer. We particularly like the simplicity of these images from his Biotopia II series. With a single leaf attached to a bare twig, the beauty and detail is clear against the grey background. We love the muted colours and the way the light reflects off the leaves. Whether intentional or not, these images certainly work for us, we'd love to have them on our office wall.

See more of his work here. We asked Jonas some questions.

What is the concept behind Biotopia and Exotismes?

Exotismes is a formal photographic study, loosely inspired by still-life painting from the 17-18th century, in which I investigate the pictorial effects of using a low resolution digital camera. 

Biotopia is a personal photographic work in which I investigate, under different aspects, the techniques we elaborate with the aim of studying, constraining, and exploiting the vegetal world.

My first researches led me to visit a giant botanical park in southwest of England called Eden Project. It is home of the biggest greenhouses in the world and represents one of the largest samples of captive biodiversity opened to the public. There, the botanical greenhouse is designed as a place of preservation for various ecosystems and not as a simple species library. Everything is precisely staged as a fake-real nature, a huge biological simulacra.

I started my photographic work with documentation, with my neophyte’s eyes, focusing on devices intended to make nature look more natural. These sometimes supernatural interiors then urged me to develop and project this universe in a reality transfigured by my non-scientific and subjective approach of Botany. In this purpose, I juxtaposed those landscapes to a series of biological and sometimes ephemeral sculptures.

In the end, every image participates in the elaboration of an enactment reflecting the needs of Humanity to reproduce the unknown to understand what is progressively getting out of our control.

What inspires you on a regular basis?

Nature, mountains, art.  But I mostly love going to the movie when I'm stuck with something. Even if that might sound strange, it gives me time and place for reflection.

Nikon or Cannon?

I don't really care about cameras. But I do possess a Canon which I use mostly for commission works.

On the other hand, I usually shoot my artwork using a Mamiya 67 or Sinar 45 camera.

Inside or outside?

Both. I love going to the mountains or spend time outside, but when it comes to work, I actually prefer being in the studio.

Colour or black & white?

Judging at my work, I guess I'm more of a colour person.

Flowers or plants?

I love flowers, but prefer to grow plants.

Garden or a balcony?


Jonas Marguet - Biotopia II

Jonas Marguet - Biotopia II

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