Interview: Paula Valentim

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Interview: Paula Valentim

Interview: Paula Valentim

ceramics by otchipotchi

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ceramics by otchipotchi

"I like colour, trees and flowers, sunshine and thunderstorms, cats and dogs, books and magazines, silence and water, birds singing, the smell of fresh bread and the earth after it rains, simple details, the sea and big skies… I cannot live without breathable open skies." Paula Valentim

In spite of the fact that Paula Valentim has spent most of her life living in a big cities, she feels she is a small town girl at heart. After having done many distinct things, Paula decided to give up her settled job and take up the challenge of dedicating herself to ceramics. Today she lives and works in a small Portuguese town and sells her carefully and lovingly crafted products worldwide under the label otchipotchi. Inspired by nature, this artist creates wonderful objects out of ceramics. Find out more about Paula in our interview.

How would you describe otchipotchi in three words?
Simple, peaceful, and fragile.
When was the moment that you decided to start otchipotchi??
I started otchipotchi when doing a ceramics course. At the time I was selling handmade clothes and bags under the name otchipotchi in order to fund my course. After I completed the course I decided to start selling my ceramics, and it made sense to continue to use the same name for my commercial ceramics line.
What are the best and worst things about having your own business?
The best - getting to work with ceramics and being able to create something.
The worst - having to race against time to complete something.
If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?
I would have started earlier what I’m doing now.
Describe your studio and what you love about it.
At the moment I work in a very small workspace which is in fact an adapted garage that is slowly being renovated. I like the fact that there is quite a lot of potential about the space and it is only a question of time to have it transformed into a nice working place. I also like that there is a micro garden with a lemon tree outside this tiny studio.
What does a normal working day for you look like?
Apart from walking the dog every day at more or less the same time, every working day is different - I adjust to the day as it evolves and according to what needs doing.
What inspires you? 
Nature and big skies.
What fascinates you about flowers and plants?
They make me feel peaceful and quietly happy.
If you had an extra day of the week what would you do?
I would do the same as I do on the other days.
What's the best piece of advice that you have ever received? 
Believe and follow your dreams. 
Favorite flower:?
Out of a large bouquet of flowers I chose peonies.
Favorite plant:
I have many but one of those is the honeysuckle.
Plants or Flowers?
Balcony or Garden?
Tea or Coffee?
Lake or Ocean?
Day or Night?
Cats or Dogs?
Inside or Outside??
In Winter inside and in Summer outside. 
Friday or Sunday??
Spring or Autumn??


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