Interview: Cécile Daladier

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Interview: Cécile Daladier

Interview: Cécile Daladier

Vases that are meant to be made for and from the flower.

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Vases that are meant to be made for and from the flower.

Long before making ceramic vases, Cécile Daladier’s artistic works were already based on nature, water, and flowers. She created big glass and rusted iron sculptures that collected water. These sculptures were placed in natural spaces and reflected the area's surroundings like a mirror. In her other works, she placed printed flowers, such as autumn crocuses and chestnut flowers, onto canvases.

This artistic background, as well as the fact that Cécile had always been a great gardener, quite naturally brought her to make ceramic vases. But not just any old vase, she created vases that were made to hold all kinds of flowers, flowers that you can pick in your garden, on the side of a pavement, up a mountain...

Her miniature series for instance consists of vases that are made to hold tiny flowers such as daisies or gypsophila. The violettier design, with its tiny holes, are for plants with very thin stems such as violets or cyclamens. The tulipier vase on the other hand is for bigger stems such as tulips, peonies, and roses... The chimney-like structures in the vase help the bouquet of flowers to hold their natural shape. There is hardly any arrangement to make, as the flowers tend to arrange themselves because of how the vase is made and shaped.

The idea really behind these vases is that they are meant to be made for and from the flower. They ultimately end up looking like a small garden on a table.

We made an interview with Cécile. Thank you for your thoughts and time.



Describe your workspace and what you like about it? 
It’s on the ground floor of my house in the south of France, up in the mountains in the Drome region. It has massive windows, a lot of light comes in, it is very quiet and peaceful. You can see the birds and the wild animals though the windows, and deer come up daily to my front door!
Do you have a daily routine?
I get up early, drink some tea, bake some bread for the day, tidy up a bit and then put on my apron to go to the studio. I work all day but I have a break in the afternoon to do the gardening. In the evening I like to knit and play the piano.
Where did you learn your craft?
I first started to learn about ceramics in a pottery studio for kids! That’s where I learned all the basics. Then a ceramist friend in the Drome taught me raku and many other secrets.
When was the moment that you decided to start your business? 
Four years ago, I was a painter but I needed to do something more hands on than just paint.
What are the best and worst parts of being your own boss?
I am free do to as I please! But then I also have no help.
If you weren't doing pottery, what would you be doing?
I would still be painting or I'd play the piano.
What's your strategy for overcoming creative block?
I go for walks, or sleep!
What are your influences?
Nature influences me so much, that’s where I get all my inspiration from.
If you had an extra day of the week what would you do?
I would go pick flowers!
The best advice you have ever received?
To believe in yourself.
Which one do you prefer?
Plants or Flowers?
Usually plants have flowers so it’s hard to pick!
Balcony or Garden?
A garden on a balcony, that would be the best! That’s actually what I did on my balcony in Paris, I had a big garden where plants could grow without them needing any care.
Tea or Coffee?
It varies according to my mood and the time of day.
Lake or Ocean?
I love oceans because of the way they smell, but then again I love going to lakes because of the flowers that surround them...
Day or Night?
Day, clearly!
Cats or Dogs?
Both are my friends.
Inside or Outside?
Outside when the weather is nice, inside when it’s not, easy way out, I know!
Friday or Sunday?
For me, everyday's the same, I'm lucky in that way!
Spring or Autumn?
We can’t like one without the other.
Your favourite flower: I like all flowers, but violets really do fascinate me.
Your favourite plant: I love blossoming almond trees in winter.

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