Interview: Blumencafé Berlin

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Interview: Blumencafé Berlin

Interview: Blumencafé Berlin

Flowers and plants - coffee and cake.

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Flowers and plants - coffee and cake.

One parrot nibbles at a doorframe, while another sits on the top branch.The cat called Erwin is sleeping on the couch, and plants and flowers occupy every corner of this place. There is the smell of fresh coffee, and the glass cabinet is full of delicious-looking cakes: here in the Blumencafé time seems to stop flowing. Michael Schaarschmidt, the owner of the Blumencafé took some time off to answer a few questions for 99ROOTS.

If you were a plant or flower, which one would it be and why?

I believe I’d be a thistle, as it is a plant with an attitude.

How would you describe the Blumencafe in three words?
Fresh, fair and beautiful!

What made you open your café?
I am a gardener by training, and had been working at the farmers’ markets and flower shops since the beginning of my career. After the German unification in 1990 I decided to become self-employed and continued selling plants and flowers at the farmers’ markets. What I did not like was the bad weather, so instead I decided to buy a shop. I had been running my flower shop for 12 years already, when the former post office across the street became vacant. It was huge, and it would have been too large to just sell flowers. People have always told me I should put some tables and chairs in the shop so customers would stay a little longer. That did not work in the old shop, but here – all of a sudden – it became possible. 

What are the best and worst moments to be your own boss?
You can play around a little more; that is the only positive side. Apart from that, you just get headaches: you worry about your employees, different characters you have to adapt to - but all in all it is fun.

If not plants, what would you be doing?
Wood. I would have become a carpenter.

If you had an extra hour a day, what would you do?
I would not even notice.

The best advice you have ever received?
Open your eyes and your mind – and, of course, your heart – and just live. If you close your eyes and you don’t think, then you exist, but you don’t really live.

Your favorite flower? 
Corn poppy

Your favorite plant? 

What do you prefer?

Blumencafé, Schönhauser Allee 127a, Berlin

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