In the Navy: Top 10 Blue Flowers

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Lithodora diffusa

Lithodora diffusa

Heavenly Blue - Purple gromwell - Steinsame

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It’s rare to be blue when you’re in the natural world.

A couple of friends now have had a blue theme to their wedding.  I’m talking about the colour of course, and not about the overall ambience, as they were very happy occasions. But finding naturally blue flowers can be a challenge – and in the autumn, nigh on impossible – as there are not many true-blue flowers in nature. Of course, it’s possible to dye flowers, but that seems like cheating.

The good news is that if your wedding is in the spring, there are more options for you to utilise a flower as your ‘something blue’ – now just to find something old and something new.

Unless you’re marrying an elderly gent and are pregnant, in which case you’re all set.

Top ten blue flowers in spring

  1. Virginia bluebells (pulmonaria virginica)
  2. Grape hyacinth (muscari armeniacum)
  3. Perennial cornflower (centaurea montana)
  4. Siberian Squill (scilla siberica)
  5. Blue-eyed Mary (omphalodes verna)
  6. Wood forget-me-not (myositis sylvatica)
  7. Corydalis (corydalis flexuosa)
  8. Gentian (gentianaverna)
  9. Purple gromwell (lithodora diffusa)
  10. And of course, last but not least, the English bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta)

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