In the bleak midwinter… find Eden

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gardening exhibitions

gardening exhibitions

gardening exhibitions

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What about visiting a gardening or nature exhibition during those fading winter days? We've selected a few exhibitions you might like. We do.

There are so many brilliant things about winter… wrapping up in thick layers of clothing, warming yourself in front of open fires, snow sports, even the dramatic silhouette of a leafless tree against the sky.

But the horticulturalists amongst us can start to miss the colour and life of a garden. If you fall into this category, and spring seems like a lifetime away, then here are some options for some nature-related attractions that will be an oasis in the bleak midwinter:

  • The Eden Project. You won’t Adam and Eve the size of this attraction in Cornwall. Transport yourself to a different part of the world by walking through the world’s largest indoor rainforest, or soaking up the smells and sounds of the Mediterranean (£23.50, 01726 811911).

  • The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition runs at the Natural History Museum in London until 23 March 2014. The 100 photographs in the world-renowned exhibition depict rarely-seen wonders of the natural world (£12, 020 7942 5000).

  • A whole series of different Christmas events are happening at the Royal Horticultural society gardens, from festive flower arranging at Hyde Hall on 5 December (£25, 0845 6121253) to a Christmas Tree decorating competition at Rosemoor in Devon (7 December – 5 January, 01805 626800).

The Eden Project


If you’re feeling more adventurous, then there are further events all over the world. Why not visit:

  • Munich to see the COLOUR TODAY! photo exhibition which runs until 25 January 2014 at Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, with photographs from Candida Hoefer, Guido Mocaficos, Veronica Bailey and Christopher Thomas (+49 89 226672)

  • Paris to see the Haptic green exhibition by Japanese photographer Naruki Oshima. On display until December 20st, this series of photographs is focussed on the natural landscape. Oshima redistributes elements of images, combining close up with long range shots, and mixing focus with blurred images. (+33 144 54 90 88)

  • Rio de Janeiro – if all else fails, head to where it’s still summer! Rio de Janeiro’s botanic gardens are an explosion of colour and you won’t be short of things to look at, there are over 450,000 specimens in the herbarium. (+55 21 3204 2531)

Haptic Green

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