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It turns out that the Real Wild Child is really into the wild – Iggy Pop, godfather of punk rock, likes gardening. He’s even got a vegetable garden: “I got the idea from Michelle Obama,” he said, “because she has a vegetable garden in the White House.” If that’s not surreal enough for you, then you can watch this youtube video of Iggy Pop wandering around his garden.

Iggy and Michelle are not the only unlikely celebrities to be found in the vegetable patch. Other self-confessed gardening addicts include musician and DJ Goldie and comedian and novelist Julian Clary. Meanwhile, 80s pop sensation Kim Wilde has reinvented herself as a landscape gardener, and, if the Daily Mail is to be believed, Michael Barrymore now works part time in a garden centre in Essex.

Maybe for all of these celebrities, gardening offers them some quiet and relaxation that their hectic schedules rarely afforded. In the video above, Iggy says “For the past 15, maybe 20 years, little by little, off the stage, I’ve been living quieter and quieter, slower and slower… as I did so, my voice got better and my ambitions changed”  - a sentiment many of us could probably relate to.

In addition to his own gardening, Iggy’s also inspired others – in 2007, an Iggy Pop-themed garden won a silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. The garden, which was named Lust for Life after his hit song, was created by the Children’s Society. Features included an arc of water which moved in time to the beat of his music - which was either a very original idea, or a big misunderstanding arising from a request for a ‘rock garden.’

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