Garden-music: songs to sing to your plants (part 1)

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Experiments have shown that plants flourish when played music (well certain types, anyway. According to this experiment, if you want your astroemerias to be resistant to disease and to flower well, you should play Black Sabbath music). So the dedicated gardener will play or sing music to their plants – and we’ve come up with some of the best (and worst) garden-related song choices.

R.E.M. - Gardening at night

As R.E.M themselves admit, “Gardening at night it’s never worked” – so if you’re gardening at night, stop. And if you’re gardening in the day, then this song is really irrelevant.

The Cure - Hanging Garden

Since Black Sabbath music was particularly successful in encouraging flower growth, we reckon other rock music should be too. This song from The Cure should work and will be appropriate for those of you whose gardens are mainly in hanging baskets...

Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden

Another study by the Royal Horticultural Society showed that plants respond better to a female voice than a male voice. So maybe the best option of all would be (I never promised you a) Rose Garden by American country singer Lynn Anderson. The song is also a good reminder that for a successful garden, „along with the sunshine / There’s gotta be a little rain sometimes“ 

The Tallest Man On Earth - The Gardener

If you want to bring a bit of positivity to your garden then look no further than The Tallest Man on Earth who sings “So now we’re dancing through the garden/And what a garden I have made” – singing this to your garden will not only help it to grow, but also help you to feel good about it. 

Devendra Banhart - Lazy Butterfly

Lovely song as it is, we’re worried that playing Devendra Banhart’s Lazy Butterfly might tempt fate... Nobody wants lazy pollinators in their garden. And the lyrics „clouds are coming, clouds are coming“ don’t bode well either. Sorry Devendra. Maybe for ferns. Yes, ferns will like it.

Any other songs about gardens on your playlist? Let us know and we might wanna share them in part two...

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