Flowers in Fashion

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Plants in Fashion

Plants in Fashion

Plants in Fashion

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Floral: the new black. Think flowery fabric is just for curtains? Pull yourself together.

If you think of floral outfits there’s a good chance that one of the following pops into your mind:

  1. Technicolour flower power outfits a la Austin Powers and the swinging sixties (groovy, baby).
  2. The matching outfits that Maria makes for the children in the Sound of Music (If you’re wearing this I recommend you run far. A long, long way to run.)
  3. Some kind of Laura Ashley number or bridesmaid dress that you were forced to wear as a child (if you don’t remember this, it is likely that you have repressed the traumatic memories).

Well, it’s time to weed out those misconceptions because designers from all over the world have been designing beautiful floral clothing, including:

  • Scottish Christopher Kane at Kering, who uses organic flower designs on a backdrop of bold, blocky prints in his unique Spring 2014 collection.

Christopher Kane

  • Ukraine-born Ekaterina Kukhareva, whose Spring Summer 2014 collection features Japanese inspired gowns in vibrant hues of blue, green, yellow and peach.

Ekaterina Kukhareva

  • German label IT by Isabell Thrun, whose new collection ‘Bluetezeit’ (heyday) includes colourful graphic flower prints.

Isabell Thrun

PS If the interlinked history of Fashion and Gardens fascinates, head on down to the Garden Museum in London for their exhibition starting 7 February.

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