Flower of the Week: Peony

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With their gorgeous fragrance and large flowers packed full of petals, the peony is a popular plant in the garden.

It is named after Paeon, a character from Greek mythology who was turned into a peony flower. The peony is more than just a pretty flowering plant; extracts from the peony have been used in both traditional and modern medicine. It's highly regarded in both China and Japan and is often featured in Chinese and Japanese works of art.

It is said that mischievous nymphs hide in amongst the petals of the peony so you may want to keep an eye out for these little troublemakers!

The peony has a reputation for being hard to grow, but with a little attention you really shouldn't have too much trouble and the resulting floral display is well worth any extra effort you may have to put in. Once established they should reward you with flowers for many years to come.

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