Easter eggs and nests: a spring holiday scavenger hunt

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Easter Lamb

Easter Lamb

Easter Lamb. By www.nilssonlee.se

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This year, why not combine your easter egg hunt with a scavenger hunt to help the kids discover new life springing up in the garden?

Well, Easter is upon us again and although it’s a Christian festival, the majority of the ways in which we celebrate are inherited from paganism. Bunnies were a sign of fertility, whilst coloured eggs represented the sunlight of spring.

Regardless of whether you are religious or not, Eastertide is a celebration of new life – for Christians, a new life in a relationship with the resurrected Christ. For everyone else, a celebration of the signs of new life that are springing up all around at this time of year.

If there is one place that we can see signs of new life, it’s in the garden. So, why not organise a scavenger hunt to help the children to discover the garden during their Easter holidays? Give them the following list and tell them to check off each item (or take a photo of it?) as they find them (don’t collect them though! Birds won’t be best pleased if you take their nest away)

You can add to the excitement by hiding small treats around the garden as well –you could even combine it with this year’s easter egg hunt!

  1. A bird feather
  2. A daffodil
  3. Two similar rocks
  4. The biggest leaf you can find
  5. A nest
  6. A worm
  7. A flowering tree
  8. A squirrel
  9. A plant with diseases or pests on the leaves
  10. A slug
  11. A pine cone
  12. A plant with fuzzy leaves
  13. Something that smells nice
  14. A forked twig
  15. Moss
  16. A crocus
  17. Animal footprints
  18. A weed
  19. A mushroom
  20. An insect
  21. A plant with thorns
  22. A spiders web
  23. Tree roots
  24. A plant with buds
  25. Something older than you

Happy exploring!

Image source: nilssonlee.se

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