Clear the air with a Peace Lily

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Last year, my boss told me that our company was introducing a dress-down Friday policy. ‘What a great idea,’ I thought. So I waited patiently until Friday, then I went up to my boss and gave him a dressing down. I said ‘you’re mean, bad at your job and socially awkward.’

Turns out that dress down Friday is about dressing casually. Who knew?!

In a situation like that, you need something to clear the air, fast. I looked up what might do that, and found out that peace lilies are recommended (by NASA of all things) for their ability to clear the air. So I bought my boss one.

Turns out that they clean the air in a more literal sense. Who knew?! I was still sacked, but the air quality in the office has apparently improved by leaps and bounds…

In buildings that are becoming increasingly airtight, plants have a greater and greater role to play in reducing mould, mildew and bacteria and reducing levels of toxins like methyl, acetone, toluene, benzene and ammonia – and peace lilies are particularly good at this.

In addition, they are a very elegant plant with long deep green leaves interspersed by flower-like white spaths, they tolerate very low levels of light and thrive in warm temperatures, which makes them a very popular houseplant. As long as you don't overwater them.

So if the air needs to be cleared, consider a peace lily (but sometimes, only ‚sorry‘ will do).

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