Brassicas in a bouquet

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Brassica Olearacea

Brassica Olearacea

Brassica Olearacea

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The variations of cabbages are truly endless. Here are two new varieties to be used as cut flowers. As found at IPM Essen 2014.

Yesterday I have been running around the biggest International gardening industry event IPM Essen 2014. Whilst at 12 halls of the Essen Messe companies presented anything from new varieties of gerberas to equipment of treating the cuttings (used in plant cloning), I have focused my eyes and my camera lens on pretty flowers and the floristic competition.

What I do want to share here is a surprising discovery that the good old cabbage that we have long been promoting as the prime winter vegetable has also been bred to be used in a bouquet.

I had a chat with Koichi Takahashi of the Japanese breeder Miyoshi & Co that told me that most of their exports (seeds) are sold to the Netherlands where the growers are then producing the plants and sell them across Europe.

Here you see brassica olearacea ‘Airy’ and ‘First Lady’ that would look stunning as an original bouquet for Valentine’s day (should you choose to kill some)?

More on Brassicas in a bouquet you can find in this Designsponge article. 

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