Actaea: why everyone needs a brunette

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Cimicifuga Actaea

Cimicifuga Actaea

Cimicifuga Actaea

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What do brunettes miss most about a great party? The Invitation.

Let’s face it. In life, brunettes don’t get much attention. If the studies are to be believed, blondes are more likely to be approached and helped by the opposite sex, get paid better and receive larger tips.

But here’s the good news: around a third of men view brunettes as being independent, self-sufficient, stable and competent. Women must feel the same; apparently 76% of American women think that their first female president will have brown hair.

Like any brunette, our plant of the week Actaea simplex ‘Brunette’ is quite a hardy perennial that doesn’t require too much maintenance. It fits in anywhere – it looks just as good in a woodland garden as it does in a herbaceous border.

The ‘brunette’ is an attractive plant, favoured by Piet Oudolf, with dark brownish-purple foliage, prominent purple stems and fluffy white flowers that open in early autumn from purple tinted buds, followed by highly toxic berries (in red, white or black).

Actaea can also tolerate wet soils so is a perfect choice for gardens exposed to flooding (or a blonde crying about it getting all the attention). In addition to being a forerunner for the position of American president, this trait would also make it a great candidate to be a British politician right now, as they’re getting very good at looking at floods.

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