A study that brings meadows to urban environments

by Natasha Starkell | 28.11.2013 | bees , urban , science , pollinator | 0 comments | Rating: 0 votes

urban landscape

urban landscape

urban landscape

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You'd usually associate a flower meadow with a countryside location, but a new project undertaken by scientists from four universities is seeing meadows created in urban areas.

The £1.3m study is being conducted over three years; Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh and Reading universities are getting involved, to study the differences in pollinator biodiversity between urban and rural areas.

The easiest way to study pollination in urban environments is of course to plant flowers, so each city now has a new flower meadow. Whether you're interested in the results of the study or not, this can only be a good thing, as British flower meadows have been in decline for centuries.

Data has been collected since May and will continue until the last of the flowers have finished blooming. It is hoped that the ideal conditions for creating urban habitats for pollinators will be discovered, while creating areas of natural beauty in the process.


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