A common sense guide to feng shui: pick fabian aralia

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fabian aralia

fabian aralia

fabian aralia

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Fabian aralia is suitable both indoors and outdoors – it looks great in a rock garden but also makes a magnificent pot plant and would make a stunning housewarming gift. (Presumably the feng shui experts would tell you to choose a smaller specimen to make sure it fits in a house).

I’ve always been sceptical of feng shui. I’ll admit that this scepticism is based wholly on a complete and utter lack of knowledge. To me 90% of it is just common sense. Like the theory that dead flowers affect the feng shui of a room – is that feng shui? Or is it just that it looks unattractive and that you make no effort? Similarly, the advice that your living room furniture should be arranged so that people can enjoy each other’s company without being blocked by visual impediments doesn’t seem like rocket science to me.

But there’s obviously something in it, because a lot of people practice feng shui. There are websites offering advice on everything from feng shui during pregnancy, to the placement of your Christmas tree (hopefully more elaborate than ‘not to be placed in front of the door‘)

And if there is something in it, then we at 99roots should be delighted, because the use of plants (living ones, obviously) is really important. Different plants are suitable for different purposes – crassula ovata, for example, is seen to be particularly good as a money cure. Our plant of the week, fabian aralia, or the plum aralia, is thought to bring a flow of love, energy and calmness. This shrubby tree plant has deep green leaves with a purplish underside, and can be trained as a bonsai but could also reach an impressive height of over 10ft.

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