VIDEO: Planting Bulbs In Autumn

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Autumn is the right time to plant your bulbs. Here's a little video on how to do this correctly.

Bulbs are one of those things that many gardeners can’t be without. They bring welcome colour and perfume to the garden every spring, lighting up any dull patch of ground. Luckily, they’re also very easy to grow, and if you’re plantin

  1. Plant in swathes, using 25 to 50 bulbs per patch to make a real impact.
  2. If you want a natural look, takes handfuls of bulbs and scatter them on the soil surface, allowing them to fall naturally.
  3. Plant each bulb at a depth of three times its own height, being sure to place the growing shoot upwards.
  4. Cover the bulb carefully and firm down, but don’t trample the soil as you could crush the bulb below.
  5. Plant bulbs at least two bulb widths apart.
  6. Every three or four years, lift clumps of bulbs, separate, and re-plant. 
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