Summer jasmine pruning made easy

by Natasha Starkell | 16.01.2014 | medium | Rating: 1 votes

Some pruning of your jasminum officinale is required to get parfumed flowers year after year.

Summer jasmine is a rather exotic plant. 

Mediterranean retreats are sure to be conjured into your mind when you get a whiff of the gorgeous scented perfume that this plant creates. The common summer variety is relatively hardy in the UK as long as it’s placed in a mild and sheltered area. For plants that are grown outside all year around, a little bit of pruning is needed to ensure jasmine flowers year after year. 

Summer jasmine, as its name suggests, flowers during the warmer months of the year. This means that you shouldn’t prune in the spring, and should wait until most of the flowers fade, towards the end of summer, before you reach for your secateurs. So prune summer jasmine at the end of August after flowering has finished. 

Whether your jasmine flowers on the previous year’s growth or the current season’s new shoots, you should cut back hard to encourage a flourish of new stems. Long flowering shoots need to be removed back to a healthy bud lower down on the plant, whilst misplaced branches, weak shoots and dead stems should be pruned. Take long stems in your hand and trace them back to a healthy bud. Use sharp secateurs to cut cleanly through the stem. Continue this process for all flowered stalks and other spindly shoots. 

Older specimens can be reinvigorated by giving them a particularly hard prune, though this can prevent flowering for a couple of years. Cut all stems back to 60cm above ground, and leave only strong new shoots in place for training, removing any weak stems or side shoots as they appear.

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