Plants, flowers and garden design ideas at your (greenish) fingertips

Gardening. Most of us eventually come to a point in our lives where we find ourselves responsible for a patch of earth in some form or another: three terracotta pots on a balcony, a lawn, a (OMG) herbaceous border… and discover that any Chelsea Flower Show ambitions have to go on the back burner while we get to grips with the basics.

When the most you've ever done is come second with the rest of the class in the school sunflower growing competition, and dozed through Gardeners' Question Time with a slight hangover, these horticultural responsibilities can seem quite daunting. Society seems divided into those who know how to garden (basically parents), and those who don't.

A 99Roots-employee pretending to work hard.

Photo: Visionspictures.com

Need advice on pruning trees, watering flowers or planting bulbs? We've got it covered.

We'll help you identify plants you like and find other ones that work well with them. We have advice on how, and when, to plant - and how to care for them once they're in the ground. Since we know how baffling it can all be (we can't be the only ones confused by the instruction to 'just pot it on'), we're keeping things really simple, with video demos, chats with other gardeners (yes, that's you), and gorgeous visual planting ideas.

99ROOTS is here to help you grow from the 'don't know how' group to the 'know how', without turning into your Dad.

Find new garden design ideas, buy plants online and we will remind you what to do with them. Register now and we'll keep you updated. If you've got equally clueless, but horticulturally enthusiastic friends, invite them too, and together we can build a strong gardening-community.

So please follow us on Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ where we'll share some stuff before the big launch. Huzzah!